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Safety and security are the prime concerns in your personal and professional life. Whether it is your office or home, the need of securing valuable belongings is an inseparable part of your living. In addition, with the increasing crime rate, it is better to secure your expensive items, including gold or investment papers. That’s where Platinum Safes come into action to protect your precious items from robbery or theft.

We, at United Security Alliance, are one of the leading providers of security safes across Australia. We aim to ensure that your costly items or secret documents can surpass adverse conditions like fire or theft. Thus, we rely on the top manufacturer of high-security storage containers, i.e. Platinum Safes and provide their wide range of safes to suit your residential or commercial security needs.

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Platinum safes
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Our Exclusive Range of Platinum Domestic and Commercial Grade Safes

Home Safes

We stock platinum home safes with the best fire ratings to safeguard your expensive items against heat exposure and robbery. You can get various home security safes with unique locking mechanisms like digital, key, combination, and Bluetooth. Our team also guide you while purchasing the right and upgraded security locking safes with time delay and dual user facility. Platinum Nova (Size 1 -7), Urban to Platinum Manager DM2-DD, offers all types of home safes for sale.

Office Safes

Our collection of Platinum office safes is vital to enhance your business security system. Choose the best commercial safes per your need to protect belongings like files and paperwork from fire or burglary. Whether you need the fireguard safe with a 1-hour fire rating or the doco with 90 minutes fire rating, we make sure you get one as per budget and specifications. We also have a series of Platinum fire resistant safes for your commercial documents security.

Why We Are Different From Other Platinum Safes Providers?

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Buying Platinum Safes online can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of different safes across Australia. That’s why it is essential to contact the leading supplier of Platinum Safes, having a wide range of security safes that fit your home or business safety requirements. At United Security Alliance, we are the renowned Platinum Safe provider to assist domestic and commercial security specifications. Contact us at 03 8742 3633 to get an instant quote or details about security safes for sale.


That would depend on your requirements, fire resisting or theft resisting. Generally speaking, thief resisting safes are not designed to be fire resisting and vice – versa.

Digital electronic locks offer convenience and ease of use. Mechanical locks require good eyes and a little more time to open.

Feel free to call for a detailed explain on the differences.

Yes, we offer free “delivery only” for any safe under 65Kg to site within Greater Melbourne. Please refer to our Safe Delivery & Installation Information page for more information.

No, there is no such thing as “Fireproof”, only fire resisting, and that depends on the safe’s “fire rating” which can be one to two hours.

Feel free to call for a detailed explain on the differences.