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CMI Cashguard Safe


Pricing Ex Melbourne Store

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Pricing Ex Melbourne Store

The CMI Cashguard safe is a high-end deposit facility safe designed to protect against large amounts of money. Safe doors are made from a composite of hard plate and other barrier materials to provide maximum protection. Overall thickness is 135 mm with a glass activated relocking device in case of frontal attack.

Cashguard Safe has an internal drawer with a time delay lock (adjustable) and 2 key lockable compartment designed for 3rd parties to access along with a client key.

Safe Bodies are manufactured from solid steel lined and concrete barrier filled bodies with high-density refractory materials at all locking points. overall thickness is 80 mm.

Locking options include Australian made Ross “700” Key lock, USA made S&G Mechanical Combination Locks or

Electronic digital locks.

2 x 20mm holes are provided for securely mounting to the floor.


Safe door: overall thickness 135 mm, (55 mm Defensive slab)

Safe Body: overall thickness is 80 mm.

Bolt work: 32mm solid steel locking bolts.

Hinging: Adjustable (anti-jacking hinges)

Locking: Key Lock, Combination Lock or Digital Lock.

Models: CG1


CMI Cashguard Safes have a suggested cash rating of $70,000.00 – $100,000.00

United Security rating is “level 4” for the CMI Premier Safe range

For more on information our rating system, see here

Please contact our office to confirm Site Installation costs, (If Required)

Model Ext Dimensions H x W x D Deposit Drawer H x W x D Weight * Pricing Ex Melbourne Store ** Pricing Ex Sydney Store
CG1K 695mm x 700mm x 535mm 695mm x 700mm x 535mm 548 kg $8,500.00 $8,500.00
CG1C 695mm x 700mm x 535mm 30mm x 200mm x 160mm 548 kg $8,848.00 $8,648.00
CG1D 695mm x 700mm x 535mm 30mm x 200mm x 160mm 548 kg $8,848.00 $8,648.00

* Pricing includes costs to transport safe to Melbourne store
** Pricing based on pick up from Sydney factory, all other locations throughout Australia will incur transport charges.