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CMI Lockaway Home Safe


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CMI Lockaway Home safes are made of a sturdy 6mm steel plate, The Lockaway is also designed to comply with hand gun regulations once securely mounted to floor.

Locking options include Australian made Ross “700” Key lock, USA made S&G Mechanical Combination Locks or Electronic digital locks.

All models comprise of a unique “Flip Cam mechanism” Design which provides additional strength to locking points and assists with protection against side attack entry.

6 x 16 mm bolt holes in back & base for securely attached to floor and rear wall, (LA3 has 1 x shelve)

Designed to cover all gun storage categories once secured to floor.

Weight: LA1 (14kg), LA2 (21kg), LA3 (40kg)


Safe door: 6 mm solid steel.

Safe Body:  6 mm solid steel.

Hinging: “Piano” Hinging.

Locking: Key Lock, Combination Lock or Digital Lock.

Models: LA1K, LA1C, LA1D, LA2k, LA2C, LA2D, LA3k, LA3C, LA3D.


No Suggested cash rating supplied by CMI for this safe.

United Security rating is “level 2” for the CMI Lockaway safes.

For more on information our rating system, see here

Please contact our office to confirm site Installation costs, (if required)

Model External Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight * Pricing Ex Melbourne Store ** Pricing Ex Sydney Store
LA1K 225mm x 265mm x 200mm 14Kg $770.00 $723.00
LA1C 225mm x 265mm x 200mm 14Kg $770.00 $723.00
LA1D 225mm x 265mm x 200mm 14Kg $770.00 $723.00
LA2K 205mm x 380mm x 225mm 21Kg $840.00 $787.00
LA2C 205mm x 380mm x 225mm 21Kg  $840.00 $787.00
LA2D 205mm x 380mm x 225mm 21Kg  $840.00 $787.00
LA3K 355mm x 405mm x 305mm 40Kg $1,040.00 $978.00
LA3C 355mm x 405mm x 305mm 40Kg $1,040.00 $978.00
LA3D 355mm x 405mm x 305mm 40Kg $1,040.00 $978.00

* Pricing includes costs to transport safe to Melbourne store
** Pricing based on pick up from Sydney factory, transport costs to Melbourne store not included.