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Frequently Asked Questions

A cash rating is a “suggested” amount of cash or property that a safe maker or insurance company suggests a safe is capable of protecting in the case of an attempted burglary. United Security use a similar system called the “Safe Rating System” . our system allows the purchaser to choose the safe best suited to your protective needs. 
Generally speaking, Theft resisting safes are designed to withstand attack from tools such as: manual hand tools, lock picking equipment, electrical power grinders, carbide drill bits, devices that apply pressure, cutting wheels, power saws & impact tools, etc. Fire resisting safes are primarily designed to protect against fire and as such are mostly made of thin steel (1-2 mm), combined with “soft” fire resting materials.

Yes, as long as it designed to do so, there are two types of “fire safes” one that protects paper etc, and one that protects data. 
records/paper protection requires the internal temperature to stay below approx. 170 degrees C, Data requires the internal temperature to stay below approx. 50 degrees C.

No, there is no such thing as a “fireproof safe” or thief proof safe”. If it is man made, it can be overcome.
United Security Alliance offer a full 5 year warranty on all CMI products and two years on all lock as per the CMI factory warranty.
Safes can vary greatly depending on the grade of safe starting at around 30 KG all the way to over 2000KG.
​Depending on the quality of your safe, some “fire Safes” sold in department & hardware stores can be opened in as little as 30 sec. Always try to buy the right safe for the job, in the words, try to purchase a safe that matches your cash / property threat, what we call a “Safe rating” as per United Security’s “Safe Rating System”
Frequently asked questions - CMI Safes

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