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Free Delivery in Metropolitan Melbourne for any safe under 65 KG (​T&C's apply)

Safe Delivery & Installation Information

Free Delivery Terms & Conditions

United Security Alliance offer a free “delivery to site” option to the nearest on site entrance in Metropolitan Melbourne (within 30km of GPO), for any safe purchased from United Security Alliance under 65kg , “WHEN IN AREA”.

Due to the nature of the the product, United Security Alliance highly recommend using experienced safe installers to complete safe deliveries with safes in excess of 100kg.

Delivery Options
  • Delivery only to site, client to unload and install, (not recommended)
  • Delivery to site, unloaded and delivered to front door, (tailgate delivery, normally not recommended for safes over 65kg)
  • Delivery and professional installation to site, bolt down where possible, (Highly recommended for safes over 65kg)

Safe delivery costs can differ depending on the variables set out below.

  1. Location,
  2. Hours of required delivery.
  3. Does the safe fit thought all doorways?
  4. Type of flooring, does it require any floor protection?
  5. Are there stairs / lift involved, is lift capable of taking weight?
  6. Does safe require bolting down? (if possible)

It is important to remember that there are many types of safes available in various sizes and weights. Most safes that weigh over 100 kg are recommend to be installed by professional safe installers.

Delivery & Installation Request

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