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CMI Mini Deposit Safes


Pricing Ex Melbourne Store.

Delivery fee options will be displayed upon checkout, once you have made a safe selection.

Pricing Ex Melbourne Store

CMI Mini Deposit safes provide a front deposit opening to allow for deposits without the need to open the main door.

Doors are manufactured from solid 12 mm steel and bodies from 6 mm steel

Locking options include Australian made Ross “700” Key lock, USA made S&G Mechanical Combination Locks or

Electronic digital locks.

4 x 15 mm holes are provided in the base and back of safe to securely mount to the floor.


Safe door:  12 mm solid steel.

Safe Body: 6 mm solid steel.

Hinging: Piano hinge.

Locking:  Key Lock, Combination Lock or Digital Lock.



CMI Mini Deposit safes have a suggested cash rating of $5,000.00

United Security rating is “level 2”

For more information on our rating system, see here

Please contact our office to confirm Site Installation costs, (If Required)

Model External Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight * Price Ex Melbourne Store ** Price Ex Sydney Store
DEP 2K 240mm x 315mm x 155mm 23 Kg $1,060.00 $1,004.00
DEP 2C 240mm x 315mm x 155mm 23 Kg $1,362.00 $1,309.00
DEP 2D 240mm x 315mm x 155mm 23 Kg $1,362.00 $1,309.00
DEP 3K 315mm x 315mm x 360mm 39 Kg $1,208.00 $1,152.00
DEP 3C 315mm x 315mm x 360mm 39 Kg $1,410.00 $1,359.00
DEP 3D 315mm x 315mm x 360mm 39 Kg $1,410.00 $1,359.00

* Pricing includes costs to transport safe to Melbourne store
** Pricing based on pick up from Sydney factory, all other locations throughout Australia will incur transport charges.