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40 Years + Experience
The Owners of United Safes have been in the involved in the Safe Industry for more than 40 Years
You can rely on United Safes for honest and reliable advise with a 24 /7 service back up
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The Complete Range Of CMI Products

Australian made Premium quality product made here in Australia. CMI Safes have been manufacturing high quality security products in Australia since 1946.

Free Delivery of any safe purchased under 65 KG when in area, T&C apply

Secure & Discrete Safe Opening Service

Opening & servicing safes is a specialised field within the locksmithing industry, it requires many years training to get it right. United Security Alliance are so confident that we guarantee if we are unable to open your safe, there is no charge.


United Safes is a trusted and reputed supplier of CMI safes in Melbourne, we are the only locksmiths in Australia to specialise in CMI products.

We are a factory authorised stockist and service centre who have access to the full range of CMI safes and spare parts. We give our clients peace of mind by offering a fully stocked showroom to browse with expert friendly professional advice at the right price.

We are widely regarded as being safe experts and offer a range of CMI safes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a small home safe or a Bank vault, we have over 60 years combined experience in the industry, this enables us to offer expert advice on any CMI safe. All CMI safes  come complete with a five-year warranty and two year warranty on all Locks.

Du Van Nguyen
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Alan and the team are amazing. Bought a Victoria vintage safe from them, superb quality and as described. They were very accommodating and had a digital lock install as requested. They also orgainsed efficiently delivery and install. Keep up the great work!
John Litaridis
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Hi Team, Everything went well, the installers were on time and did what they needed to do without any fuss. I did want to see if we could set up the second code as discussed. If there is a procedure you can share with me it would be great. Thanks for all you help.
Emily Hua
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Hi Alan, Thanks for going extra mile to find this out for me. Let me try to track down the previous owner, and I will get in touch with you if they couldn’t remember the pin.
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Hi Alan. Sorry missed your call! Safe install all good and operating as expected Many thanks for quick response. You have been a pleasure to deal with and will be recommended by me going forward Many thanks. Tino
Sue Hartley
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Hi Hoping the safe arrived ok. The guys handled it with ease they said it was light! Just regarding the trade in price do you need our bank details or let me know how it works. Thanks Sue

​Not sure which safe is right for you?

A safe is basically a lockable container which comes in all shapes and sizes used for storing valuable items against theft or fire, and consequently also come in range of strengths and construction methods for fairly specific roles. So, before you purchase your safe you should have a very good idea of what you are going to put in it and what you are protecting it from. Unfortunately today, safes are not just used by businesses and the wealthy, but have become a normal feature of everyday life for more and more people. Storing everything from cash to drugs, guns, documents and data, the global safe industry has risen to an estimated US$4 billion in 2022.

At United Safes, we supply the complete range of safes produced by Australia’s leading safe manufacturer CMI Safes, based in Melbourne, we will meet your every need. But with such a huge variety on offer, from high security safes, basic home safes, platinum safes and all manner of new and second-hand safes, making your choice can be a little bewildering. However, safes are can be categorised as to their use and the level of protection that they afford and the most commonly used rating for anti-theft safes is the Cash Rating along with our safe level system.

Independent agencies conduct thorough and wide-ranging tests on safes to determine their resistance to fire and to forced entry by drills, arc torches and other means. The more resistant the safe, the higher the level or cash rating, in other words, the easier it is to break into a safe, the lower the level/cash rating. Generally, the lowest cash rating you will see is around $1000 and the maximum $ 500K +, This is of course just a rating system and not an indication of the quantity of cash the safe can physically hold.

In today’s modern society, owning a safe is more of a necessity than a luxury, unfortunately it’s too late once have suffered from theft or fire.

 Safes come in all shapes and sizes and can be designed for very specific purposes such as gun safes, key safes, laptop safes, but many are multi-purpose and suitable for home and commercial use. 

CMI are a family-owned enterprise that have been producing high quality safes for over 70 years, in that time, they have become one of the most renowned manufactures of Australian made safes.

At United Safes, not only do we supply a comprehensive range of safes in Melbourne, we are also proud to be the only locksmiths in the country that specialise in CMI safes.

Before you purchase a safe, you should be sure of its intended use, where it’s to be located, these are very important in deciding the correct safe for you. Fortunately, all our safes including home and commercial safes come with our personised rating system that can indicate the degree of protection they afford – you probably don’t need a high rating safe if you just wish to store documents at home, but commercial enterprises that store cash may do so.

Whatever safe you require, here at United Safes, you can be sure that we can supply whatever your safe needs are, with delivery and installation options Australia wide, along with safe servicing and safe opening options, we are your number one shop for CMI safe in Melbourne.

 To make things even simpler, at United Safes we have applied our own rating system, scoring safes from Level 1 – 7 dependant on their resistance to attack. Level 1 would indicate the least resistance to attack but generally good protection from fire, whilst level 7 is given to the most secure safes available anywhere.

And when you have decided which level of security you require from your safe and start to browse our catalogue you will find even more options on dimensions and locking mechanisms – with most safes available with key, digital or combination locks.

Making the correct choice of safe may also be dependant on your desired location and whether or not it needs to be bolted to the floor. Unsurprisingly, large safes can be heavy and difficult to move and locations may be restricted by door weight loadings and other physical factors. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that all safes over 100kg in weight should be delivered and fitted by our experienced and professional team of experts. Many of our extensive range of safes come with bolt holes to enable secure fixing to the floor or a rear wall.

Whether you are looking for new or used safes, at United Safes we will have exactly what you are looking for.