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Dominator Safes

Premium Supplier of Dominator Safes Across Australia

Safety and security are some of the main concerns in people’s personal and professional life’s today, whether it is your office or home, the need of securing valuable belongings is an inseparable part of modern living. With today’s ever increasing crime rate, it is imperative to secure your personal belongings and valuables. That’s where Platinum Safes can help to protect your precious items from theft.

United Security Alliance, are one of the leading providers of security safes across Australia. We aim to ensure that your personal items are protect.

The Home Safe range of safe can assist you protecting your residential or commercial security needs with 5 sizes to choose from starting at $1,040.0

Our Exclusive Range of Dominator Safes

Home Safes

We stock the Dominator Home Safe range of safes to safeguard your expensive items against Thief and the like. There are 5 sizes in the range with unique locking options like electronic digital locks, key, mechanical combination locks, Bluetooth along with dual control and time lock options as well. Our team can help guide you through the whole process while deciding which safe is right for you, give us a call toda

Commercial Safes

Our collection of Commercial Dominator safes ideal for businesses that require a deposit facility for staff to deposit the day’s takings without exposing staff to the internal compartment.

Ideal for business where you can’t always be there but require a safe secure storage facility for staff to use without being able to access the cash.

Why We Are Different From Other Dominator Safes Providers

Start Your Safe Search at United Security Alliance

Buying Safes online can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of different safes across Australia. That’s why it is essential to contact the leading supplier of security safes to assist with your home or business safety requirements. At United Security Alliance, we are the renowned for our knowledge and expertise in this field. We can assist with  providing information on domestic and commercial security specifications. Contact us at 03 8742 3633 to get an instant quote or details about security safes for sale.


That would depend on your requirements, fire resisting or theft resisting. Generally speaking, thief resisting safes are not designed to be fire resisting and vice – versa.

Digital electronic locks offer convenience and ease of use. Mechanical locks require good eyes and a little more time to open.

Feel free to call for a detailed explain on the differences.

Yes, we offer free “delivery only” for any safe under 65Kg to site within Greater Melbourne. Please refer to our Safe Delivery & Installation Information page for more information.

No, there is no such thing as “Fireproof”, only fire resisting, and that depends on the safe’s “fire rating” which can be one to two hours.

Feel free to call for a detailed explain on the differences.